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This is the joint website of EP Energo Mineral Sp. z o.o. of Opole, Poland, and EP Energo Mineral Deutschland GmbH, based in Berlin. We are experts in the management of power plant by-products and an experienced partner for you in the power generation and construction industries.

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Moving forward

We are positioning ourselves optimally for the future by systematically developing our products and our portfolio, and expanding the communication channels with our customers.


Thanks to the many years of experience and the support of our strong shareholders JD and EP Power Minerals, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for customers in the power generation and construction industries.


We provide our customers with products of the highest quality, ensure prompt and reliable deliveries, and support them with modern laboratory services and professional technical consultancy.


Corporate Philosophy

We regard partnerships as the central factor in our entrepreneurial activities. We maintain and develop long-term relationships of confidence and trust with our customers and employees. Great importance is attached to a transparent flow of internal and external information.

We are a responsible service provider, and regard it as our obligation to do our very best for our customers and employees. In all our business activities, we are always mindful of our commitment to reduce the burden on the environment. We ensure that our business develops reliably and sustainably. Furthermore, we base our actions on generally accepted ethical principles. We respect human rights, comply with labor standards and combat corruption in all its forms. 

The safety and health of our employees have maximum priority. That is why good working conditions and the satisfaction and development of our staff are highly important to us.

The continuous development of our business, our products and the people who work here is a paramount aim. Our know-how in the fields of fly ash and other power plant by-products is our great strength. We systematically develop new markets and react flexibly to market changes.

In order to exploit our potential in full, we consistently pursue our strategic objectives, act efficiently and cost-effectively, and react flexibly to changes on the markets. Consequently, we are able to recognize opportunities and risks in our business environment at an early stage.

We regard investments in further development as the core component in creating a stable, efficient and environmentally friendly organization. In that context, we rely on measures to increase the expertise of our employees, and continuously expand our systematic research and development work together with our key partners. We cooperate closely with the Scientific and Technical University AGH in Krakow, the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Opole and the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.


EP Power Minerals GmbH and Joachim Duda each own 50% of the shares in the Polish company EP Energo Mineral Sp. z o.o.

JD Gruppe

For over 25 years, the Holding JD Sp. z o.o. has been an experienced partner to industry in the Polish construction and logistics sectors. The Group focuses in particular on the sale of cement, microsilica and ready-mixed concrete, the recycling of fly ash and slag, and transport services. The paramount aim for the Holding JD Sp. z o.o. is to align its products and services with the needs of the customers.

EP Power Minerals

As a company with over 40 years of experience in the power and construction industries, EP Power Minerals is very familiar with the requirements of its customers. EP Power Minerals is an expert in the management of power plant by-products. With an international network, EP Power Minerals is a service provider to industry and building companies, supplying them with high-quality construction materials, blasting abrasives and industrial minerals.


EP Energo Mineral is therefore spearheaded by an active and experienced management team. The members of the Board of Management are jointly responsible for the way in which the company as a whole is perceived. Their actions result directly from our corporate strategy and philosophy.

Cezary Smyk
Chairman of the Board of Management

Sławomir Witos
Member of the Board of Management

Paweł Kadłubowski
President of the Management Board



Fly ash tweaks concrete for high performance

Our hard coal fly ash is very much in demand among our customers from the construction materials industry. Fly ash can be put to many different uses.

Fly ash can bring its strengths fully to bear above all in the production of concrete and cement. In the concrete, the fine round particles of fly ash act like small ball bearings, improving the water demand. The concrete is easier to work and, in the case of shotcrete and high performance concrete, can be better compacted. The strength of the concrete is also significantly improved because the fly ash particles fill out the cavities in the concrete. Furthermore, the pozzolanic reactivity, i.e. the continued reaction of the fly ash with the calcium hydroxide from the cement and water in the concrete, has a positive long-term effect on the strength and resistance of the concrete.

Due to this ongoing reaction, which usually continues for years, the concrete becomes increasingly more compact, stable and durable. This makes it more resistant, for example against the effects of acid or sulfate. Fly ash thus lends the concrete properties that are required especially for bridges, tunnels, cooling towers, sewers and foundations.

How is fly ash produced?
Fly ash originates during the combustion of hard coal when the non-combustible, mineral components of the coal are filtered out of the flue gas in the electrostatic precipitator. A fine dust of mineral particles is created, very similar to those occurring naturally, such as volcanic ash or earths. Fly ash is produced in modern hard coal-fired power plants throughout the world. If fly ash is used as the main component of the cement, the ecological footprint of concrete can be reduced per tonne of fly ash used by almost a tonne of CO2.

To ensure its quality, we have the material properties of the fly ash regularly examined in our Construction Materials Laboratory.

Slag and Ash Mixture (“SAM” for short) is a mixture of hard coal fly ash, bottom ash and slag. The main components of SAM are silicon dioxide (quartz – SiO2) and aluminum oxide (alumina – Al2O3).

On account of its material properties, which are fundamentally characterized by a low moisture content and low ignition losses, SAM is used in a wide variety of applications. These include, for example, use as a high-quality civil engineering material in the construction of road and railway embankments and road beds. In cement works and in the manufacture of coarse ceramic products such as clay bricks, SAM is used as a corrective material in the mixture. A further potential application is as packing material in mines.

The properties of the slag and ash mixture supplied by EP Energo Mineral have been tested by the independent accredited Zaklady Pomiarowo - Badawcze Energetyki Energopomiar metrology and research institute.

Microspheres are a mineral filler material for a multitude of industrial applications. They comprise lightweight, microscopically small hollow spheres, which mostly consist of silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, and are filled with air. Microspheres account for around one to three percent of the hard coal fly ash particles, and have to be filtered out of the fly ash.

Microspheres are extremely robust, inert, extremely heat-resistant, waterproof, and also have an insulating effect. They are therefore frequently used in the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles and boats, and also in the production of PVC flooring and shoe soles.

Applications of microspheres:

  • In the construction industry as a filler material to increase the thermal insulation and fire resistance of products with simultaneous reduction of their water demand
  • Automobile industry
  • Ceramics and plastics industries
  • In the production of coatings for spacecraft and structural components for boats, and for drilling fluids
  • As components in medicine and cosmetics


In our laboratory, we perform continuous quality assurance testing on our products. We also subject our products to a certification process in cooperation with the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

Our laboratory provides an entire series of tests and analyses for these purposes, based on the PN-EN 450 standard. We perform tests on the following parameters, among others:

  • Loss on ignition
  • Fineness
  • Determination of the unslaked lime content
  • Compressive strength
  • Pozzolanic activity

The laboratory collaborates closely with the accredited Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials in Opole. Independent, third-party tests on the fly ash are conducted there.

In addition, we offer our know-how to our customers. You too can use our laboratory to test the quality of your products, develop new products or concrete formulas, or move ahead with new applications of fly ash or other products. Contact address for the laboratory:

e-mail laboratorium(at)energomineral(dot)com
phone +48 32 786 92 62

We assure our customers of promptness and reliability. In order to ensure prompt and reliable supplies to our customers at home and abroad, we draw upon the know-how of our shareholder JD. The JD Group is a specialist in the field of transport services for both road and rail freight.

JD has its own fleet of around 80 vehicles. JD also collaborates with other well-known logistics service providers, ensuring that a total of around 500 vehicles are deployed for goods deliveries.

Storage capacities – A flexible logistics network

The silo capacities of EP Energo Mineral provide an opportunity to store around 50 thousand metric tons of fly ash.

We have modern silo and transshipment facilities, some of which were designed by EP Energo Mineral and constructed at the sites of the power and heating plants which work with us. Thanks to the solutions in place, our plants are directly connected to the existing ash removal systems.

The optimization of the delivery chain facilitates flexible handling of orders. With our logistics network, we are a flexible partner to customers from the power generation and construction industries. We guarantee the best possible utilization of power plant by-products, even in the winter months, and the supply of power plant by-products even when there are short-term breaks in production at the power and heating plants.


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